Friday, 3 May 2013

Finally! Some Organisation!

Hello Hello!

I have been on the hunt for some inexpensive makeup storage this last week, and it has ended up being quite inconclusive. I found some acrylic stands / drawers but I'm not entirely sure which will fit my collection best and still have some room for future purchases.
I am a very organised person and I have been finding it incredibly annoying that all my makeup is jumbled up in a bag which I have to tip out onto the floor to find whatever it is I'm wanting to use.

Yesterday I was in WH Smith and noticed they had a half price sale on stationary furniture (by that I mean pen pots, paper trays etc). And then I had a genius idea.....


The box is from Paperchase and I've had it for a while, but it is currently housing my nail polishes.

I'm using the pen pot for brushes and tools and also things in tubes (primer, BB cream etc). This should have been £5 but I got it for £2.50!

This paper organiser is home to my lipsticks, and also palettes. This was also originally £5 but bought for £2.50.

I really like the cut out detailing on the two pieces and I think it's nice they match. I'd not seen such a small paper organiser before, but when I saw it I knew it would be great for keeping palettes in (mine are very small ones), and I think it's also turned out to be a really nice way to display lipsticks!

When I'm next in a stationary shop I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for a cheep(ish) set of small drawers as the rest of my stuff doesn't have a permanent home. I think these two pieces I just bought would look really nice on top of a little set of drawers because they add a little pop of colour and cuteness!

So now I am about half way to organising my stuff which has made me much relieved!

Minka x

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